William Courtney​​​
​Forged Tough

About Me

Hello, my name is William Courtney.  I've had a love of knives and cutting tools since a young age.  I tried making knives in shop class in high school, but with no internet or any other knifemakers around at the time, or any idea about heat treating or metallurgy, tried is an apt description.


After graduation, I joined the US Marines and served for four years.  Afterword I still had a love of knives and all things hand crafted.  I eventually discovered books that helped some, and a few people I met along the way helped tremendously.  The internet really helped a lot with forums, and connecting with experianced and tallented knifemakers from around the world.

On every knife I attempt to do better than my last, the knives I made a few years ago are no longer acceptable to me, and I hope the knives I make today are no longer acceptable to me a few years from now.  I test each and every knife for edge holding and toughness, with a few every so often tested to destruction to keep me honest.  I mostly forge carbon steel blades, such as 52100 and 1084 and 5160, and 80CRV2, but I also use some stainless once in a while, my favorite currently is CPM 154, a high end partical steel.  I make both leather and Kydex sheaths.  I also forge hawks and axes.  I have made folders in the past, but they are an aggravation, and I don't do many of them.

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I warranty my knives from any defects and failures, as long as they approach some semblance of real world use and not obvious abuse.  If one of my blades fails for any reason I want to know about.