William Courtney​​​
​Forged Tough


​Currently available knives, subject to change.  All knives except for hawks shipped with zippered storage pouch and certificate.  All prices include shipping in continental United States.  Please contact for more photos of listed knives, availibility or if you have any questions.

  1. Paracord Camp knife, Forged 5160, forge finished, anvil and WJC logo stamp due to forge finish, double stamp/miss stamped logo. Blade is full 1/4" thick, 6 1/2" long, 11 3/4" overall, short and stout chopper. Satin finished bevels. Epoxy soaked 550 paracord handle wrap for durability and ease of cleaning, oiled leather frog type sheath dyed with vinagroon. This is a heavy duty camp knife, made for hard work.
    US 175.00
  2. Forged 52100 hunter, differential heat treat, bronze guard. 4 3/4" cutting edge, 9 3/4" overall length. Stabilized Hawaiian Mango spacer, stabilized and dyed curly Maple handle. Brown leather pouch sheath with basket weave pattern.
  3. US
  4. Frontier Damascus Bowie, Blade forged from a mix of 1084, W1, 15&20, O-1, 5160, 52100, 1095 and 4140. Handle is black paper based Mycarta spacer, with crown stag, bronze guard, red spacers. Leather pouch sheath with cross hatch patter. 6 1/4" blade, 11 1/4" overall length.
    US 400.00
  1. Loveless style caping knife, Stock removal 80CRV2, 3 1/2" blade, 7 3/4" overall, black linen mycarta scales, brass pins, black vinagroon dyed oiled pouch sheath, tapered tang. Blade is etched and lightly polished to show the quench line
    US 225.00
  2. Forged 5160 utility #2, epoxy impregnated black 550 paracord wrap with orange paracord underlayment, black vinagroon dyed heavy leather sheath. 4 1/4" cutting edge, 9 1/2" overall length.
    US 225.00
  3. US 00
  1. Damascus straight razor, 400 layers of 1084 and 15&20, 1/4 hollow ground, 3" cutting edge, 10" overall open, 6 5/8" closed length. Handle scales and wedge are maroon linen mycarta, brass pins and washers, nice shaver.
    US 200.00